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Everyone familiar with the Buick Grand National knows how the legend ended in 1987, but few know how it began. It is actually a merger of two very interesting stories. The first began way back in 1976 with the Turbocharged Indy Pace Car. It was so successful, that Buick put the Turbo V6 into production in 1978, and continued it's development until it became the powerhouse that many are familiar with. The second story began in 1981 when Buick redesigned its popular Regal model. It dominated NASCAR's Grand National racing series. The celebrate this, in the spring of 1982, Buick introduced a special Regal called the "Grand National". Then, in 1984, Buick put the two together, added some black paint and fuel injection, and came up with the car that brought back the term "MuscleCar". Included in this website is information about the 82 GN and the pre-Fuel Injected Turbo V6. While these earlier Buicks certainly don't have the power or image of the black 1984-'87 Grand Nationals, once you learn a little about them, I'm sure you'll realize that they deserve some of the same respect.

And due to their similarities to the Carb/Turbo V6, there is also information about the Pontiac 301 Turbo V8 and all other carbureted Buick V6's being added.

All material within the "BEFORE BLACK Website..." is either original or sources are credited. All information is believed to be correct at the time of publishing. Please do not "borrow" images or original text without first receiving permission. I am more than willing to help those who request it. This site has no association with General Motors, Buick or anything else. This site is 100% funded by the owner and not for profit in any way.  No ads, no pop-ups, no bias endorsements.


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The 1982 Grand National
About the 1982 Grand National
1982 GN Concept drawings & the REAL GN Prototype
Positive Identification of a 1982 Grand National
1982 Grand National REGISTRY
1982 Grand National Sport Coupe (a.k.a. '82 Turbo GN)
Close Up Photos of the '82 GN
Johnny Lightning's 1982 Buick GN
1982 Grand National Publications
About the Buick V6 Logo
Grand Notes - Facts and Tech Info
1983 Street Regal by Molly Designs
 1983 Red GN by Buick 

The 2 million dollar '82 GN "You Can't Touch This"

The 1978-83 Buick Turbo V6
About the 1978-83 Buick Turbo V6
Evolution of the Buick Turbo V6
Turbo Buick Acceleration
Turbo Buick Casting Numbers
Turbo Buick Production Figures
Turbo Buick Articles
1976 Century Pace Car
1977 Turbo Century, Gary Bryson
Turbo Regal
Turbo LeSabre
Turbo Century
Turbo Riviera
Turbo Monte Carlo
TURBO NOTES - Facts and Tech Info
Racing the 1978-83 Turbo Buick V6
And the 1980-81 Pontiac 301T
Turbo Firebird/Trans Am

Other Carbureted Buick V6's
About the Buick V6
Buick NA V6 Acceleration
Buick NA V6 Articles
1979-84 Regal Somerset
1981 Indy Pace Car
1982 Regal Racer, Ron Cosner
1982 Union 76 Parade Car
1982 Winston Cup Show Car
1982-84 Skoal Bandit Regals
NA V6 NOTES - Facts and Tech Info
And Other Related Cars
Buicks in NASCAR 1981-1983
1986 LeSabre Grand National
1986 Century Gran Sport
1986 Pontiac 2+2


Reader's Rides
1979 Century Turbo Coupe - Joe Zamiska
1979 LeSabre Sport Coupe - Dean Butterfield
1981 Turbo Monte Carlo - Roger Soule

1982 Regal Sport Coupe - Sue and Randy Horton

1982 GN/SC - Rich George
1983 T Type - Rich George

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