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Freddie's Recipe
Last Updated: 11/29/2007


The below question was posted on the Message Board and the response has been written by Freddie Diaz (Freddie's Buick). If you have a question not addressed here, have additional information, need clarification or disagree with something listed here, PLEASE post a message on the MESSAGE BOARD!


"I just bought a 1984 N/A Regal with 26,000 original miles on the 231 V6 non turbo engine i would like to fix the car up as much as i can performance wise without having to swap an engine or tranny (for now) but the question is what would be the best thing to work on first? Keep in mind $$ is a little tight. Please be as specific as possible with part names and prices."

1) Set a target budget.

Speed cost money...., so how much do you wanna spend?

2) Keep ECM control or remove.

There are two schools of thought. The ECM system on N/A's is great/sucks. Why is it great? My opinion: It's simple to work on and it saves gas. Why does it suck? It's limiting to a certain extent on ambitious speed gains. It can also take alot of time to understand.

3) Master the Q-Jet.

The Q-Jet is over all the heart. The simplest and cheapest upgrade is a 4.1 intake and Q-Jet obtainable from a local junkyard. Trick is finding one. Removing the Duel-Jet intake ups the horsepower from 115 to 125. Cheap HP gain.  I've heard good things about the Kenne-Bell intake with a Q-Jet. The KB intake, (expensive), runs for about $200.00. They recommend a Holley 600 CFM carb. But the 10 HP gain does'nt justify the Holley carb price tag, (just my opinion ).

4) Upgrade the oil system.

A cheap oil system upgrade is a KB oil booster plate and a bigger oil filter, ( I use the purolator L24011). Any oil pressure above 15 lbs is VG!

5) Cam, (mild, lopey or hot).

The cam is a another traditional upgrade. If you opt for a mild grind then you won't have to worry about having machine shop service on the heads. Choosing lopey or hot grinds and you might as well rebuild the engine since the heads would have to be removed and cut. If you rebuild, get bigger valves and a double timing chain. Might as well you're already in there.

6) N/A Headers & GN type duel exhaust

Headers are harder to find for N/A's and can be expensive. I have Pacer headers and they are VG and cheap! Match and install a GN type duel exhaust and you're good to go!

7) Better stall Torque Converter.

The stock TC sucks. If you get an HP cam, match it to a good HP torque converter. It's a sure bet combination.

8) Up the rear gears to 3.08 or 3.23.

Rear gears are icing on the cake. Find out which ones you have. Base model N/A Regals is 2.51. 4.1 Regals are from 3.08-3.23.

9) Ignition.

*MSD-6A for the N/A all the way! But pricewise it's up there with the KB intake. Forget plugs, wires, cap, rotor and all the other ignition stuff. One can keep them stock and the MSD magic box will do the rest. But you'll turnover your plugs faster.....any type plug! So keep 'em cheap.

Do all this and that V-6 N/A Grannymobile will be sure to compete on a street level. And lots of fun to drive.

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